Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan

The Red PyramidThe Red Pyramid is a really fun adventure story that takes you through the myths and legends of Ancient Egypt in a cool story for tweens. Sadie and Carter Kane live far apart from each other, don’t look anything like siblings, and have only had one parent since they were around six years old. Sadie and Carter and their dad only have one “visitation day” on their grandparents’ orders. They went to a museum with their dad to see the Rosetta Stone. Their dad starts speaking hieroglyphics and the Rosetta Stone suddenly explodes!  The police come and interrogate them about what happened. It ends up that their punishment would either be deportment from England, where they were then, or arrestment. They high-tail it out of England on a reed boat with their Uncle Amos. What would take weeks on a regular ship took only minutes on a tiny raft. What was going on??? Amos reveals to them that they are part of a line of Egyptian magicians that had been doing magic since the times of the Ancient Egyptians. Their dad had released 5 Gods and one of them, the evil Set, was trying to take over the mortal world. Along with their companion, guardian, and the Goddess of Cats, Bast, they travel around the U.S. training to stop Set. This book is the first in the Kane Chronicals, and is a VERY good book that I would recommend to all tweens who like adventure and suspence.

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